Can Baby Sign Language transform your postpartum experience?

As a new mom with little experience caring for babies- I was overwhelmed! I had worked up to the day I gave birth and trusted that I would know what to do- just like my body had auto-piloted me through pregnancy. Then the unplanned C-section and realizing how little I had truly prepared for postpartum hit me. Next- add the lack of sleep and suddenly we were home and it was just me and my new baby.

I hadn’t realized that I needed help for a few weeks. My son nursed around the clock, and was colicky. I couldn’t put him down- I had anxiety of being away from him or letting someone else hold him. My husband was working a lot and didn’t form a connection to a baby who just layed there.

I looked for a solution and something that was easy. I remembered that I had taken Sign Language in school and thought that it was quick place to start. It immediately changed both my and my husband’s outlook on parenting!

Your child is hungry- they cry or fuss to let you know.
Solution: Show them the sign for milk before you give them milk.

Your child is bored:
Grab a book and let the pages come alive! You can sign the animals, colors or words!

Your child their favorite toy:
Show them the sign for doll, ball or giraffe and say and sign it when you give it to them.

Signing was a low impact activity with a BIG outcome. I could sign to him to keep his attention, amp up his excitement, teach him concepts, connect with each other and promote eye contact! When he heard our voices he anticipated a visual and auditory “show” from his parents that made him so happy.

In return, he was happier and able to communicate and I was too!

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