Workshop for expectant and new parents are invited learn to the basics of using Baby Sign Language.


Q. My child can hear. Why sign?

Most children are not developmentally ready to speak until approximately 2 years of age. Babies are developmentally able to communicate with signs much earlier than that. Some studies indicate children as young as 5 to 6 months of age can communicate with limited signs. The inability to communicate can cause frustration and tantrums for both the parent and the child! Sign language is a wonderful tool that allows even very small children to express themselves. Most parents that sign with their babies talk about an unexplainable bond that is felt when their child communicates so early!

Obviously your child will be fine without learning to sign, but there are so many developmental and social benefits that they will have access to should you choose to do so. Most parents want to give their child every advantage in life possible, and signing is one way to do that.


Q. How early can I start signing with my child?

Start signing now! You can sign “milk” to your newborn when it’s time to nurse or time for a bottle. Sign “sleep” at nap and bedtimes. Take your baby’s hands and help them sign “more” in-between each spoonful. This will help integrate signs into your daily routine. Soon the repetition and reinforcement will occur naturally as your infant grows. Baby sign will also help your infant realize that crying is not the only way of communicating.