Eat and Drink Class

Ms. Jessie was getting over a summer cold so we had  a Signing Story Time at the Long Beach Library today!

We read Cookie Monster, Good Time to Eat: https://youtu.be/AsUATKNM9Jw

How to feed your Cheeky Monkey: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N34zv4uKB7M

Image result for how to feed your cheeky monkey

It was fun going around the room seeing something other than food that kids ask for ‘more’ of!

We love to Sign ‘All Done’ for transitions!

“Eat” is one of the first Signs we see children develop.

We went over the Sings for Milk, Water and Juice!

Ms. Jessie’s assistant James signed milk at 6 months old!

Image result for juice sign of the week


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