Review of JustAddBreastMilk

I hadn’t thought much of nursing while I was pregnant, but in the hospital James latched right on and we have been going strong almost three years later!

I had issues with supply because of a breast reduction and James has a lip and tongue tie that I did not have corrected. He preferred breast milk so much that I sought donors who selflessly supplied us with liquid gold!

The more I learned through our breastfeeding journey about the properties, benefits and just the bond it helped us create, the more I became interested in the products and information available for nurslings.

I can remember the crazy looks my husband gave me when I hand expressed the little bit I could to apply to every ailment from cuts and scrapes to rashes! I have also been known to shoot a steam out directly on James’ diaper rashes!

As soon as I found out about JustAddBreastMilk by Moms Pump Here, I began hand expressing as much and as often as I could in anticipation of using it for James and myself!

Click here to watch my “unboxing” and mixing in my breastmilk!

The problem with using breastmilk by itself as a topical ointment for me is that it is so runny! It always seems that it doesn’t stay put. That is why I just love JustAddBreastMilk- I am confident that it is staying put. It melts right into the spot you want it to! A little bit goes a LONG way- it is just so creamy!

 Keep in mind you will be using it a solid when you first take some to apply because it needs to be stored in the fridge. After you mix it with your breastmilk, you’ll store JustAddBreastMilk as you would expressed milk and keep it in the fridge.

Here is a video of it melting right on my finger!

The first place I put it was on my poor cracked nipples! My almost three year old who only falls asleep nursing tends to pull and leave tooth scrapes. I put it all over my face and hands and my hands transformed immediately! After seeing the magic it worked on my hands, I put in on my nose- my problem area for dry skin as a base for my makeup instead of my usual moisturizer. It melted right into my skin and left absolutely no residue or grease!

Wondering about the smell? Wonderful! Very faint lavender mostly smells like the Ghee but it is strangely addicting! Buttery and sweet and just the right mix but still very subtle.

I feel good about the natural ingredients- just your very own breastmilk and Ghee are the active ingredients along with Coconut Oil and Lavender! No unknown ingredients here!

I plan to use it for boo-boos, bug bites and diaper rash as well as a moisturizer. I plan to continue using on myself as well!

If you have some extra breastmilk, or can express some- I can’t recommend to enough for you to buy it (plus its on SALE) and JustAddBreastmilk!

As we are nearing our three year anniversary of breastfeeding, nursing sessions are diminishing and I am so glad that I will have JustAddBreastMilk as a continuation of our nursing relationship packed with natural and Ayurvedic ingredients and our precious liquid gold!

Buy it right here! You and your little one(s) will be glad to get your hands on it!

Still have questions? Watch the promo video here!

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